Our Profile

Ticoon has been operating in the financial services and life insurance technology industries since 1996. Ticoon has almost 20 years of experience designing front office systems for many of Canada’s largest financial institutions and life insurance carriers.
In 2007 Ticoon partnered with several of Canada’s most innovative financial institutions to create a cloud-based wealth management platform to support both captive and independent advisor networks.
The platform is designed to consolidates client investment, life insurance and banking data into a single cloud-based platform. Data is accessed through a sophisticated data access model and available to users through configurable web portals (similar to Facebook). The platform supports multiple advisor networks and distribution businesses.

Ticoon’s customers include:

  • Financial Product Manufacturers (Banks, Mutual Fund Companies, Life Insurance Carriers, Asset managers and others)
  • Distributors (mutual fund dealers, investment dealers, life insurance MGAs and credit unions)
  • Independent Advisors (financial advisors & insurance agents)
  • Consumer (Investors & Policy Holders)

The platform supports multiple product distribution models including:

  • Manufacturer – Consumer (Consumer Direct)
  • Manufacturer – Advisor – Consumer
  • Manufacturer – Distributor – Consumer
  • Manufacturer – Distributor – Advisor – Consumer

The platform is in production with tens of thousands of users.
For more information about Ticoon, contact us at +1(416) 513-9524 or info@ticoon.com.