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Advisors & Insurance Agents

Leverage Your Data To Drive Sales

Create a Single View

Ticoon brings together client data from multiple investment and life insurance companies to create a single view of your client. Ticoon's tools enable you to use the data to identify sales opportunities and execute marketing and sales programs.

Know Your Client

In addition to all investment, insurance, banking and outside holdings Ticoon provides a solution to bring together all communications, notes and documents as well as your clients goals. Ticoon will provide you with a solution to make sure you 'Know Your Client'.

Engage Your Clients Online

TicoonSales enables you to interact with your clients online to share information & documents in a secure environment. Simply invite your clients to MyTicoon and they will automatically be linked to you and your team. Publish information, documents and commentary to individuals or groups of clients..

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Multiple Lines of


Per Month, Per Advisor Account

Investment, life insurance & banking

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July 16, 2014 9:39:49 PM UTC

Perfect Storm Clouds on the Horizon for Financial Services in Canada

The Canadian financial services and insurance industry is in an interesting and vulnerable position.

Consumer demands are changing and they expect more from their service providers than ever before. Technology is transforming, more rapidly than most companies can keep up with. And corporate giants like Google, Amazon and Facebook, and smaller start up financial companies are well positioned to become disruptive forces in the industry.

Think these changes aren’t likely to affect the Canadian financial services industry?Think again.

July 2, 2014 2:01:40 PM UTC

Three Disruptive Threats to Financial Services and Insurance Businesses in Canada

The Canadian financial services industry is facing a perfect storm in the form of three disruptive threats:

  • Rapid technological innovation;
  • Changing consumer demand; and
  • Industry inertia.