Client-Focused. Technology Driven.

Consolidate your investment and life insurance data from multiple fund companies and life insurance carriers to create a consolidated view of your clients and households. Ticoon provides you with the tools to identify new sales opportunities and engage your clients to grow your business.


Increase sales with targeted marketing programs and multiple communication methods.


360 degree view of your client including all investment, life insurance and banking products.

Engage your clients online through an integrated consumer portal called TicoonTouch.

Position you as your clients primary source of financial information. 

Keep up with compliance. Communicate in a secure manner and to ensure that you are making informed recommendations.  

Key performance indicators and statistics to Know Your Client and Know Your Business.

New Revenue from self-serve product offerings and cross-selling.

Low cost, quick to market, outsourced & secure!   

Target your customers with video and sell your brand with TicoonConnect


Totally Know Your Client

  • Investments, Life Insurance, Banking data
  • Goals and Needs
  • Household & relationships
  • Activities, tasks, communications and notes
  • All in one place

Data and Business Analytics

  • Advanced search functions enable you to analyze your client data to identify sales and service opportunities
  • Segment your clients and provide appropriate service levels that meet their needs

Contact & Household Management

  • Integrated view of each household that includes all demographic information combined with financial data and client tasks, activities and notes
  • Google calendar integration


  • Segment your clients based on their value to your business or other criteria as you see fit
  • Manage each segment with secure online messaging, document publishing, reporting, email marketing and content publishing 

Targeted Sales and Marketing Programs

  • Use advanced analytics to identify sales opportunities and communicate with your client and prospects using email, secure messaging or traditional mail

Know Your Business

  • Single view of your entire book of business
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) provide you with a snap shot of your business
  • Analyze your business to identify growth opportunities

Engage Your Clients Online

  • Interact with your clients online to share information and documents
  • Invite your clients to TicoonTouch and they will automatically be linked to you and your team
  • Publish information, documents and commentary to individuals or groups of clients

Reporting and Data Extracts

  • Set your own report criteria and automate the report creation process for management and client reports
  • Extract your data into CSV (excel) to further analyze or leverage with other tools or programs

TicoonTouch Consumer Portal

  • Consumer Portal where your clients can access all of their data and documents
  • Interact with you and your team online
  • Publish information, documents and reports to clients online
  • Secure messaging with your clients