Our Program

Ticoon has initiated a new cloud based financial services and insurance program that helps Advisors and Financial Services Firms to engage their clients online, and ensure that each client has the appropriate products and solutions to meet all of their financial and insurance needs. Consolidating investment and life insurance data from multiple organizations to create a single ‘industry wide’ view of each Client and each Advisor, the Ticoon program:

  • Provides Fund Companies and Life Insurance Carriers with a new online channel for product marketing.
  • Enables Fund Dealers and Life Insurance MGAs with an Advisor management system to help Advisors grow their business and engage their client online.
  • Empowers Advisors with an online portal and the tools needed to engage their clients in the cloud.
  • Provides Consumers with a private, secure portal that aggregates their data and documents from multiple Financial Institutions, Life Insurance Carriers and Advisors to create a single view of their entire household.

Our Culture:

Financial services and insurance technology has traditionally been slow moving and conservative. Ticoon is working to change the "fintech" and "insurtech" worlds and we want to build a team of positive thinkers who see challenges as opportunities. 

We want innovators and creators, we want ideas and input, we want high energy and fun loving team oriented people. At Ticoon, the entire company meets twice a month to share vision and trade ideas. We set goals, we provide feedback on new features and talk about new opportunities. We are not looking for regular employees, we are looking for contributors!

Your Compensation:

We provide a fair base salary and a competitive benefits program. Qualified employees may participate in a personal and/or the company bonus program. We are big on setting goals and will work with you to set quarterly goals and provide you with regular feedback.