Contact management tailored to the needs of financial advisors

As a financial advisor or insurance agent, managing your book of business and keeping in touch with your clients can be extremely time consuming. While there are many choices for contact management software in the marketplace, few are customized to the specific needs of financial professionals.

TicoonSales provides you and your team with a single, easy to use solution to manage all your clients’ information for all business and financial product lines.

Watch this view to see how the TicoonSales contact management system works.


The power and convenience of search

TicoonSales will not only provide you with a single system to manage all of your client data, it will enable you to easily search through that information. Ticoon’s powerful search functions allow you to locate contacts, accounts or policies with only a few keystrokes.

Advanced search capabilities will enable you to segment your clients and create lists for sales campaigns and other automated processes including reporting or the sharing of information applicable to that particular segment.

A 360 degree view of your client

Ticoon’s contact profile provides you with a quick snap shot of your client and their entire household along with any upcoming appointments or outstanding tasks for the client.

More detailed information is just a click away. You can store and manage your clients’ multiple addresses, phone numbers and email addresses, employer details, KYC information and an unlimited number of custom fields that you can use to track anything from your client’s political affiliations to their hobbies or favourite sports team.

TicoonSales also allows you to track all of your client’s relationships, including their family members and household information, as well as any of their business and professional relationships.

Secure messaging is safer than email

Private client information should never be transmitted via email because public Internet email is not secure. Messages can be intercepted and the contents easily read by hackers.

Ticoon’s secure messaging provides you with a new, secure method to communicate with your clients and share information and documents. It provides you with an easy to maintain record all communications, but more importantly a complete record of all communications in the event of an audit or client complaint.

For non-sensitive information, Ticoon does support traditional email communications from tools like Outlook or Gmail, and captures the emails you send and receive inside of TicoonSales.

Customized for your financial practice

Perhaps the most powerful aspect of Ticoon is it’s ability to combine all of this contact management functionality with a complete view of your clients’ investments, insurance policies, banking holdings and other financial products, as well as any personal assets such as real estate or luxury cars.

With TicoonSales, you can get a complete, 360 degree view of your client and their financial situation so you can position yourself as their primary financial services partner. 

For more information on TicoonSales, contact Zainab Sheikh (416-573-8655) or Derek Chow (416-578-4128).