Drive sales with powerful search and segmentation tools

The TicoonSales platform offers independent insurance advisors with powerful search and segmentation tools to help you easily access client information and organize that information to drive more sales opportunities and provide better client service. 

The video below explains how advisors can use the search capabilities in TicoonSales to drive their business.

As a financial advisor or insurance agent, you shouldn’t have to waste your valuable time sorting through endless client files, websites and communications to access your client information or to identify potential sales or service opportunities. Your client data needs to be organized and accessible so that you can spend more time working with your clients.

The power of search

TicoonSales offers three levels of client search capability:

1.     Simple or ‘Predictive’ Search is a high level search that enables you to quickly access information. The simple search field is located in the top menu bar of the Ticoon application so that you can quickly pull up a client record.

2.     Contact Search allows you to search through the massive amount of client data to locate specific information about a client.

3.     Classic or Advanced Search allows you to perform multi-attribute searches in order to segment your clients and identify specific sales opportunities.

Ticoon’s Advanced Search will enable you to conduct searches based on dozens of attributes to segment your clients and create lists for sales campaigns.

For example, say you want to create a list of all clients that are:

  • aged between 40 and 50;
  • with investable assets over $250,000;
  • who have a Life Insurance policy;
  • but don’t yet have a disability policy.

Those search results can then instantly be turned into a list with contact information and email addresses.

Ticoon lists are ideal for segmenting your clients or organizing sales campaigns. You can organize your clients in any way that makes sense in your practice.

Once your business is organized on the TicoonSales platform, you can easily and efficiently work with your segments and lists to communicate with list members and prospect for opportunities.

If you have a moment, please check out the other many features and benefits available on TicoonSales. There are dozens of other features that make TicoonSales the advisor office of the future!

For more information on TicoonSales, contact Zainab Sheikh (416-573-8655) or Derek Chow (416-578-4128).