Top 5 posts of 2015

As the new year approaches, it’s a good time to look back and evaluate what blog posts and topics have resonated most with our readers. It’s also a convenient way to get caught up on the top posts, if you missed them.

We have selected the five most read posts in 2015, based on data from January 1 through December 7, 2015. Enjoy!


#1: 8 Strategies to grow your advisory practice without prospecting

Every advisory business struggles with the same challenge: how to grow? Many established businesses miss opportunities because they just don’t have a way of tapping the lifetime value of their clients. In this post, we looked at practical strategies to unlock value among existing client relationships. Even though this post was publishing in 2014, it was the most read throughout 2015!


#2. Fintech terminology that CEOs and business leaders need to know

Many financial services businesses, particularly those involved in the distribution of financial products like investments and insurance, are facing challenges posed by digital technology. “Fintech” refers to a new generation of financial technologies that are challenging every financial services business to up its digital game – starting with this terminology primer.


#3. Advisor guide to online security

Online security was a dominant theme in 2015. In order to help financial advisors, we identified several high-priority actions that advisors can (and should) be taking to protect their privacy and security online, as well as the privacy and security of their clients. Security is a process that involves understanding the threats and putting in place systems and procedures to mitigate those threats. Highly recommend this one!


#4. Embracing the robo-advisor

As more and more digital self-serve tools emerge for helping consumers manage their financial lives, human advisors will need to find ways to incorporate some of these technologies into their service offering. In this article, we look at the rise of the “bionic advisor” – a kind of technologically enhanced human advisory practice – and the future of financial advice.


#5. 17 compliance and security problems that Ticoon solves

Advisory practices are faced with an increasingly complex set of rules and regulations for security and compliance. In this post, we outline a number (17, to be exact) of ways that the Ticoon platform can help your practice stay secure and compliant.

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