A comprehensive view of your client makes you a better advisor

Your clients have dynamic lives and ever-changing needs.  In a competitive industry, it’s critical to demonstrate that you’re capable of keeping up with all aspects of your clients’ lives, and their evolving financial circumstances.

And, it’s critical to find an efficient way of doing that.

Important details about your clients are likely spread across multiple back office systems, filing cabinets, websites, CRM tools and various other notes and forms.  Juggling all of those information sources takes up valuable time that could be spent face-to-face with clients, building long-lasting relationships.

And, there’s no guarantee that the information you gather from all of those sources is current.

“It’s so time-consuming, it’s so expensive, it’s so unreliable,” says Rick Hyde, CEO and founder of Ticoon Technology Inc.

Imagine having all of that information consolidated in one place.  Imagine having a single, up-to-date view of each one of your clients, complete with information about all aspects of their finances.

Ticoon allows you to do just that. Ticoon’s front office technology platform brings together data from dozens of different back office data feeds, across four major categories:

  1. investments
  2. life & health insurance
  3. banking
  4. general insurance

Ticoon can also integrate other feeds and data sources, such as exempt market data, if required. Plus, you can manually add any relevant details about off-book client assets, such as vacation properties.

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Ticoon merges all of that data, organizes it, and presents it in a compliant fashion.  The data is then synchronized on a regular basis, so that it’s always up to date, and accessible anytime via Ticoon’s secure cloud-based system.

With Ticoon, you can have an up-to-date snapshot your clients’ investments alongside their insurance coverage, their real estate holdings and any other pertinent assets and liabilities. You’ll be armed with all of the details you need to have a comprehensive picture of your clients’ finances.

“Having that information makes you a way better advisor,” says Hyde.

You can walk into your next client meeting equipped with all of the information you need to discuss anything from retirement planning to critical illness insurance – without an expensive, time-consuming preparation process.

You’ll impress your clients with your in-depth knowledge of their financial affairs, and you won’t leave a single component of their financial plan overlooked.