Know more. Make better financial decisions. 

TicoonTouch is an independent consumer portal that enables consumers to consolidate their investment, life insurance, banking data, and documents into a single secure location. Consumers can invite their financial partners to see portions of their holdings to support their needs or communicate with multiple financial partners through a secure online channel.

A personal portal that enables you to organize and manage all of your financial & insurance information and documents.  

Net worth tracking that includes all securities and mutual funds as well as real estate, private company holdings and personal assets.   

A secure communication channel for you and your advisors to share information. A record of all correspondence and communications.  

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A single, independent source of financial and insurance information.

A secure online vault for all of your critical documents including wills, power of attorney, estate plans and life insurance policies.  Provide access to your executor and empower them with a single location to manage your estate.

Additional access for family members to see their savings while providing you with a view of your entire household.    

A private portal for you and your family where you can manage your financial affairs as you see fit.   

Self-serve tools and access to self-serve products and services required to meet all of your needs and goals.