Frequently Asked Questions

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Contacts, Appointments and Documents

+ Is TicoonSales a CRM system?

TicoonSales is not a CRM system although it seems a lot like one. We provide you with a place to track and store all of your client demographic and financial information, as well as manage your appointments, tasks and notes related to your clients. TicoonSales has powerful search and segmentation features which are not available in other CRM system. Using the search and segmentation function you can group your clients into various sales and marketing lists. This will provide you with sales and service opportunities to grow your business.

+ Can I create emails and email campaigns?

There are a variety of methods that you can use to communicate with your clients and prospects through TicoonSales. This includes both standard and CASL (Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation) compliant emails and campaign style emails or blogs that you may want to send. All compliant emails can be managed and stored in the contacts profile. In addition, TicoonSales provides secure messaging capabilities with your key contacts whom you may need to share sensitive information with. We have you covered.

+ Can I set up appointments with my clients and keep a record?

Absolutely! It is quick and easy to set up appointments or meetings with your clients directly in TicoonSales with a complete history and audit trail.

+ How can I see booked appointments on my smartphone?

TicoonSales provides the ability to share your TicoonSales calendar and appointments with your Google Calendar providing full coverage whether you are in the office, or on the road. You will never miss an appointment!

+ Can I save important documents to my clients profile?

Not only can you store and track all of your clients and prospects demographic information in TicoonSales, but you can store important documents too. Do away with costly back-ups and hard drives. If you can save it as a file, you can quickly and easily upload any saved files to your contacts profile and feel confident that it is safe in our secure servers.

TicoonTouch and your clients 

+ Can I link to my clients directly through the Ticoon program?

Our TicoonTouch client/investor portal provides your clients the abilty to connect with their trusted financial advisor directly. Through a few easy steps, TicoonTouch enables your clients to view their financial holdings and allow them to feel empowered and involved in their wealth management.

+ How do I let my clients know that they can connect to me?

Ticoon has developed a professional invitation process that you can use for any of your key clients to inform them about TicoonTouch.

+ Will Ticoon speak with my clients directly?

Clients can contact Ticoon directly for support while using their TicoonTouch account. Ticoon may reach out to your clients to advise them of new features within the TicoonTouch program.

+ Who provides support for my clients e.g. if they lose their password?

Ticoon will provide support to your clients for any issues that they may have regarding the information within and access to their TicoonTouch account.

+ Can I see what my clients are doing on the system?

Due to industry regulations and privacy laws, advisors are not allowed to view clients communication. However, you can share information with them and feel confident that it is being done safely and securely. TicoonTouch is an online area for your clients to easily see their account information and assess their wealth management, and most importantly, securely communicate with you.

+ What is the benefit of using TicoonTouch with my clients?

For the advisor, TicoonTouch enables you to engage your clients in the "Cloud". It provides the ability for you to communicate with your clients through a secure channel and share sensitive documents.

This process offers you the opportunity to attract and retain progressive clients while making it accessible to conduct business.

Clients can manage and track their investments, life insurance and banking information and store documents on the website using a single sign on.

Pricing & Payment 

+ $25/month plan, and $50/month plan, What's the difference?

Ticoon supports different lines of business, each at $25. If you are registered as both an Insurance and Investment Advisor, we recommend that you subscribe to the $50/ month plan to receive data for both lines of business electronically, while an Advisor handling only Insurance or Investments should subscribe to data for the single line of business on the $25 / month plan.

+ How do I pay?

All payments to Ticoon are processed via credit card through our partnership with PayPal. PayPal will process the monthly recurring payments with your chosen method of payment. There is no cost to you for setting up and using PayPal. For accuracy in your record keeping, Ticoon recommends you set up a PayPal account, as this will provide you with a full transaction history of your monthly charges.

+ Can I cancel my account at any time?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time. Your cancellation will take effect at the start of the next billing period. Ticoon will not provide refunds for mid-period cancellations.

+ There are multiple advisors in my office. Is there a branch price?

You require a license subscription for each advisor and/or user accessing that advisors business. We can work with you to determine the appropriate set up for your organization. Please contact us at or by calling 1-416-513-9524 Monday to Friday from 9:00 am EST to 5:00 pm EST and we’ll be happy to help you.


+ How do I get my data?

When you Subscribe to TicoonSales, there are data subscription packages available in the TicoonStore. Once you have selected a package, our Ticoon team will work with you, your Dealer &/or MGA to pull your data from participating carriers based on your selling codes with those carriers. These are used to match your User Account & Profile to the business from the carriers and/or dealers.

+ What carriers can I get in force data from?

Today, we get in force data at the participating MGA level from 7 carriers as well as FundServ for segregated funds. Those carriers are Canada Life, Manulife, Sun Life, Transamerica, RBC, Foresters, and Industrial Alliance. The inforce data comes in at the MGA level.

+ How often is the data updated?

Ticoon receives data from dozens of investment, insurance, banking and other sources. The frequency of the updates is dependent on the supplier or source of the data. Some data suppliers are able to provide real-time updates while others can only provide monthly updates. All updates are time stamped and displayed in the system. For more information contact Ticoon Business Services.

+ Where is the data stored?

TicoonSales is a cloud based system and all data remains in Canada. We have partnered with one of Canada’s largest data center providers and have multiple fully secured data centres located across the country.

+ TicoonSales is “in the cloud”. What does this mean? Is it secure?

TicoonSales is available simply by opening an Internet Browser and using your secure credentials. There is no need to download and manage any software or hardware on your own. TicoonSales resides on a secure Canadian cloud, this means:

  • Secured Cloud provides you with unlimited space for all your documents and data storage needs
  • All data and documents are encrypted (converted into a code) during transport and storage
  • All your data is automatically backed up and stored securely in one of our Canadian based Data Centers
  • All the financial information is automatically fed through trusted data sources and approved by carriers, product manufacturers and back office system partners.

+ Is my data backed up?

Yes! All data is backed up daily with no need for you to do any additional work or buy additional hardware or space.

Dealer & MGA

+ What if my MGA isn’t part of your program? How would I get my in force data?

We will work with you and your MGA to request the data. We require a letter to be sent to the carrier and we will take it from there.

+ How do I get my business from the MGA that I used to work with?

If your business is staying with that MGA, and that MGA is already working with us, then we can get you set up in no time.