Maximize the effectiveness of your Sales Force

A Distributor/Carrier Portal enabling you to grow your business by bringing together data from multiple investment and life insurance companies to create a single view of your advisors and their clients.


Increase product sales by empowering advisors with access to marketing programs.


Know your advisors' business to achieve the very best results.

Create targeted marketing programs using data analytics.

Give your advisors a single front office solution for multiple business and product lines.

Key performance indicators monitor your business growth.

Operate in the cloud where your advisors and their clients already do business



Client Data Aggregation

  • A single view of your advisor across all business and product lines.
  • A single view of your client across all business and product lines,

Secure Communication Network

  • Ticoon's Secure Messaging is an internal bulletin board system that enables you to communicate sensitive and private information with your advisors and clients.
  • Provides a full audit of all messages sent and received.

Key Performance Indicators

  • Ticoon's Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) provide you with a snap shot of each advisors, branch and region along with important metrics about your business
  • Identify top performing regions and advisors so you can focus your efforts.
  • Identify opportunities and gaps that can be filled with your products and services

Business Automation

  • Replacing new business systems and processes can be expensive and difficult
  • Ticoon integrates with your existing business systems and supplies advisor and client data to those systems saving users time and reducing error rates.
  • Ticoon integrates with multiple business processes including
    • Account open
    • Online Applications
    • Forms

List Management

  • Segment advisors and clients based on their value to your business or other criteria.
  • Align service levels with value, maximizing your effectiveness and spend.
  • Focus your time and effort on the most receptive audiences.


  • Ticoon offers one of the industry's most cost effective e-delivery solutions
  • Ticoon will enable you to make e-delivery accessible to all product partners

Targeted Marketing

  • Maximize the effectiveness of your marketing dollars by distributing your custom content to targeted advisor and consumer audiences
  • Content will appear to your users based on their profile and your business rules.

Email Marketing Programs

  • Increase the effectiveness of your marketing dollars by targeting your messages to the most likely buyers
  • Create advisor and consumer lists based on specific search criteria to send out targeted emails

Document Publishing

  • Ensure your documents and content reach the right audience precisely when they are most receptive
  • Maximize the use of your marketing spend
  • Ensure that you are adding value to all advisor and client relationships


  • Keep up with compliance
  • Communicate in a secure manner to ensure that you are making informed recommendations


  • One-stop-shop for your advisors to learn more about products and offerings
  • Advisors can execute campaigns in which they would like to participate in
  • Tracking tools allow advisors to engage their most receptive clients