Integrated products that work together to enable Product Manufacturers to build stronger online relationships with Advisors and Consumers. Position your firm as an innovator by participating in a shared financial services and life insurance platform available to the entire Advisor and Consumer marketplace.

TicoonTOUCH, Online Access For Your Clients

Offer your clients an online financial monitor where they can track all their investments or life insurance information, access all of their documents and communicate with you through a secure private network.

TicoonSales, Online Access For Your Advisors

Interact and communicate with your advisors online to share information & documents in a secure environment.


Place your statements, insurance policies and other documents in the cloud where your advisors and clients can easily access them.

List Management

Segment your clients based on their value to your business or other criteria and execute marketing programs to grow your business.

Content Marketing

Maximize the effectiveness of your marketing dollars by distributing your custom content to targeted advisor and consumer audiences.

Email Marketing

Increase the penetration of your marketing dollars by targeting your email messages to the most likely sellers and buyers.

Document Publishing

Ensure information reaches the right audience precisely when they are most receptive by publishing research, articles or other documents of interest to your advisors and consumers.

Data Analytics

Know Your Client!
Know Your Advisor!
Know Your Business!

Ticoon Facts provides you with a snap shot of your business including statistics and key performance indicators at multiple levels within your organization.

Secure Messaging

Secure messaging provides you with a private communication network to share sensitive information & documents with your advisors and clients.

Automated Data Feeds

Ticoon receives automated data feeds from dozens of sources including investment dealers, fund companies, life insurance carriers and banks saving you time and money.

Single Client View

Consolidated view of your clients’ data & documents including:

  • Investments

  • Life Insurance

  • Banking

  • CRM information

  • Other Off-Book Data

Single Advisor View

Create a single view of each advisor across multiple business and product lines:

  • Investments

  • Life Insurance

  • Banking

  • CRM information

  • Other Off-Book Data

Automated Data Feeds

Reduce internal costs by distributing data and documents through Ticoon. Ticoon will support all Distributors, Advisors and Consumers and make it easy to do business with your firm.

Business Automation

Integrate your business processes through Ticoon and make it easy to do business with your firm.

Research Distribution

Distribute research and other relevant information to advisors and consumers based on their holdings and interests.