Ticoon Adds Secure Document Exchange in the Cloud

Ticoon users can now upload and share documents in a secure online environment. 

The secure document exchange is designed specifically for the financial services and insurance industries. It enables advisors to share confidential information with their clients through a set of secure, interconnected portals. 

Within the Ticoon system, the exchange of documents is secured using three primary methods to protect user data:

  • Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) ensures data and documents transmitted between Ticoon’s servers and the user’s device are encrypted during transfer.
  • Once transferred to the Ticoon servers, all uploaded documents are encrypted during storage for additional data security.
  • Documents uploaded by both advisors and clients are set to private by default. Sharing access to any document requires user action and access can be revoked at any time.

Ticoon’s secure document exchange system is considerably more secure than the widely used practice of attaching documents to email messages where they are transmitted with no encryption, are vulnerable to compromise while stored on public email servers, and cannot be recalled if sent to the incorrect recipient.

Secure document exchange is also convenient for clients who can have on-demand access to their financial documents, as well as advisors who can save time and resources by providing clients with a self-serve solution. The resulting convenience and efficiency can contribute to stronger client-advisor relationships.