Always-on Communication: 10 Reasons to bring your Client Relationships Online

Client Information is always available

Bringing your client relationships online means your clients can always have their financial information available to them. 

Your clients are exposed to general financial information all day long, on TV, in the newspaper, on their smartphone and (even though they should be working) at their desk. By providing an online relationship to your clients, you can ensure that they’re seeing their financial data as it applies to them – instead of just seeing today’s price, or this week’s unexpected shift in the commodities market, you can ensure they see the change since they bought, or what todays’ events mean in the specific context of their portfolio.

Information is omnipresent, and you can’t control that. By providing an online relationship with your clients, you can help ensure that the information they see is accurate and personalized to them.

Fewer roadblocks to communication with your client

Online communication is a natural fit with an online client relationship, and online communication channels give you more options and eliminate roadblocks to communication with clients.

With an effective online relationship with your clients, you don’t have to worry about whether they’re at their phone, in a meeting, or just worn out from the day when you get in touch. Your message will be waiting when they have time. For the same reason, thanks to social media, blogs and email, more frequent communication can be much easier, less intrusive to them and less time consuming for you.  You can ensure they have access to up-to-date information as quickly as it comes to you, with minimal effort on your part.

Two-way street

All of these benefits apply in the other direction as well. If your client wants to get in touch with you, it doesn’t matter what you’re doing or where you are. Your communication may be delayed, but the message will get to you, and you’ll have time to equip yourself to answer questions accurately and informatively before you do respond.

Furthermore, the low-friction, bi-directional nature of online communication, combined with easy access to their financial information will make it easier for your clients to be aware of their financial status in real time, make decisions with you and act. It will also make it easier for you to facilitate that action, and better service can only help your bottom line.

With an effective online relationship, it is easier for you to keep your clients informed, aware, and able to act. They benefit from up to date, accurate information, and your business benefits from them.