Ticoon Introduces a Consolidated Insurance Summary Report for Consumers

TicoonSales now offers a consolidated client-facing insurance report that brings together life insurance and living benefits policy information from multiple life carriers.  The report enables advisors to update their clients on all policies in one simple, easy to understand report.   

Ticoon has automated the process to consolidate in-force policy data from 8 of Canada's largest carriers and is working to add additional carrier partners.  Ticoon also supports the manual addition of life insurance and living benefits information to accommodate data for those carriers who are unable to provide automated data feeds.

This insurance summary report provides policyholders with a snapshot of all family policies, a great way for advisors to communicate with their clients, in a format they can quickly and easily absorb.   

To learn more about Ticoon's Insurance Summary, visit: http://www.ticoon.com  or contact Ticoon Sales at sales@ticoon.com or 416.513.9524.

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