Contact Upload

Ticoon provides a contact upload process. This allows you to have all your contacts in TicoonSales.  Simply format your contacts into our contact template and upload it directly to us. Once your contact load is complete, we will notify you.

 We can help you export your contacts from a variety of CRM systems.  

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Steps to upload data

  1. Get your contact data from your source.
  2. Download our contact template and enter your contact information into the template.
  3. Upload the completed contact template and let us know when it has been completed so we can begin the process of loading your contacts in TicoonSales.   
  4. For additional support, you can reach us at


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  • You must subscribe to either the TicoonSales Investment, Insurance or Financial Bundle to upload your contact data

  • In order to upload your contact data into TicoonSales, you must first export your data and organize it into a Ticoon accessible format. The Ticoon Business Service team will assist you through this process if any help is needed

  • Do not delete your data from your existing system until you are 100%  sure that everything was properly uploaded into Ticoon Sales

  • Once your data is uploaded into TicoonSales you will need to manually match these records to the data feeds to which you are subscribed (i.e. Investment, Life Insurance or Banking)

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