Identity Verification - Ticoon needs to verify your identity

Why is this important?

Ticoon brings you together with financial data from various product partners with whom you do business. These partners include Insurance MGAs, Investment and Mutual Fund Dealers, Life Insurance Carriers, Fund Companies, Investment Firms, Credit Unions, Banks and Trust Companies.

Prior to making any back office data available to you we need to confirm your identity in order to protect the privacy and security of both you and your clients.

How do we verify your identity?

Step 1: We will ask you to use your cell phone or other camera to take a photo of you holding your drivers' licence and send it to our Business Services Team. We will then review the photo to confirm a likeness match.

Step 2: We will connect with you via your LinkedIn profile (optional)

Step 3: We will contact you by telephone at the Business Phone Number provided during the registration process to confirm that you are the person requesting this service.

Step 4: We will contact your dealer or MGA by telephone or email to confirm that you do have an active contract or license arrangement with them, and verify that the other details you have provided us are accurate compared to their records.