Investment Data Feeds

Ticoon partners with dozens of investment firms from across the country.  Depending on your dealer your automated data feeds may be available immediately or we may have to work with your dealer to make it available to you.

We may need your assistance talking to your dealer to provide you with access to your data.

1. Identity Verification

  1. Submit photo of you and your drivers licence to 

  2. Ticoon will attempt to connect on LinkedIn 
  3. MGA Name & Contact Information

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2. Complete Investment Data Request Form

Click the button below to fill and submit your request form

  • You must subscribe to TicoonSales Investment or TicoonSales Financial Bundle to receive investment data

  • Investment data is available for a number of Canadian Investment Dealers and firms.

  • Data agreements must be in place with your dealer in order to secure access to your data

  • Data is transported from each dealer directly to Ticoon and available to Advisors and Agents through TicoonSales.  All data is encrypted during transport and stored in Canada

  • Ticoon does NOT ‘screen scrape’ your data and does not require your passwords to access you data

  • Data is matched with each Advisor using Dealer information and your sales codes/Representative Identification

  • Ticoon’s business services team will assist you to track down missing data

  • Advisors subscribing for investment data are required to validate their identity with Ticoon prior to linking them with their data

More Ways To Order

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