Life Insurance Data Feeds

Ticoon Life Carrier Data Partners

  • Manulife
  • Sunlife
  • Transmerica
  • RBC Life
  • Foresters
  • Cumis
  • Canada Life
  • IA Life

Is Your Life Carrier Not on the list? 

Contact Ticoon and we will work with your life carrier partners and MGA to secure your data. or 1-866-513-9524

1. Identity Verification

  1. Submit photo of you and your drivers licence to 

  2. Ticoon will attempt to connect on LinkedIn 
  3. MGA Name & Contact Information

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2. Complete In-force Data Request Form

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  • You must subscribe to TicoonSales Insurance or TicoonSales Financial Bundle to receive in-force life insurance data
  • In-force policy data is available for a number of Canada’s life insurance carriers (Carrier Partners). 
  • Data agreements must be in place with your MGA in order to secure access to your data
  • Data is transported from each life carrier directly to Ticoon and available to Advisors and Agents through TicoonSales.  All data is encrypted during transport and is stored in Canada
  • Ticoon does NOT ‘screen scrape’ your data and does not require your passwords to access you data
  • Data is matched with each Advisor using MGA information and your sales codes
  • Ticoon’s business services team will assist you to track down missing data
  • Advisors subscribing for in-force policy data are required to validate their identity with Ticoon prior to linking them with their data

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