How can ticoon help you?



  • Unified front office platform supporting all  business and product lines.

  • 360-degree view of your customer and their household.

  • One-stop portal for your customers that is secure and compliant.


  • Organize all of your investments, life insurance and other assets & liabilities.

  • Secure digital lockbox for your investment statements and insurance policies.

  • Convenient, one-stop-shop for your financial needs.  

Using Ticoon has now allowed me to have a “one stop drop” for files and info. For the organization, ease and accessibility of this system, combined with the great price and amazing customer service, it’s really is no-brainer! There is no other platform out there (as far as I’m aware) that makes an advisor’s life as simple as this.
— Jenn Styslo, Wealth and Insurance Consultant, Blue Lotus Wealth Management


Ticoon for Financial Advisors & Insurance Agents

Totally Know Your Customer

A unified view of your client’s financial goals, products and data enables you to provide better advice while increasing revenue.

Be Secure and Compliant

Share information and communicate with clients, while protecting their security and ensuring your compliance.


One Convenient Portal

Engage clients with a single online portal where they can access their data, get support and advice, and shop for self-serve products and services. 


Is Your Technology Preparing You To Meet The New Compliance Rules?

Ticoon for Consumers

Total Household View

A single portal to capture and manage all of your investments, insurance, banking and other products & investment information and documents – just for you!

Personal Financial Organizer

One secure online location to manage all of your personal financial data and documents - your personal online safety deposit box. 

Self-serve Financial Portal

A single portal where you can engage your advisor for support and advice, but also shop for the best deals on self-serve products and services.